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Webinar & Training Information

Rules and Scoring Webinar 14th April 2019

This presentation is 3 hours in length and commences with the review of the new IASF 2019-2020 rules. Following by the review of the ASCA/NZCU scoring system being used in the 2019 season. For these documents please refer to the Scoring and Rules page. This webinar does not cover the adapted NZCU Rules or Scoring. Nor the Specialty scoring system.

This presentation is for your information only. Please do not take photos, videos or screen capture this presentation or share links to this presentation, under no circumstances.

This presentation does not represent ASCA or the IASF, its sole purpose is for sharing with NZCU coaches.

For all legality questions you need to contact the IASF directly.

No responsibility will be taken for misinterpretation or deductions causing scoring issues as a result of attending this webinar.

Jump to Tumble Clarification

Please note that the answer given during the webinar was not the full information, please refer to the details below.

The question asked was: If an advanced jump connected with a backhandspring be included in the jump total. Or is it only included as a tumble pass?

Answer from ASCA: The toe touch connected with a back handspring is counted in the jump total. The standing tumbling skill would also be considered in standing tumbling difficulty.

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