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ICU Credentialing is provided through the Education Portal


Sign up as a New Member on the ICU Education Portal or login in if you have previously signed up.
Go to the ‘Store’ and select the levels you want to credential, add item to cart, enter billing information and finalize checkout. Costs are in USD.
You will immediately receive confirmation of payment and a copy of your invoice.
You will then receive an email in approximately 5 minutes with product activation confirmation and a link to begin your online tests. If you are returning to the portal at a later time, you can find all enrolled courses/programmes by selecting the ‘Online Training’ tab.
If you are a coach under 18 years old can you please read and sign this form with your parent/guardian and coach/supervisor:(
If this is your first time credentialing a level, ICU require evidence of your Practical Field Experience. If this applies to you, please have your supervisor fill out this PFE form to confirm your experience hours: ( ICU suggests you use Clockify ( to track hours and export timesheets to upload into the PFE form, but if you have another way you track your time please feel free to upload that. (See PFE requirements below)
Once you have completed the online tests, email your results through to the Facilitator to book in your verbal exam:
You will receive an email with a direct link to your digital download (pdf) certificate after your course is completed. This digital download (pdf) certificate will also be located in your portal by selecting “Online Training” and then selecting the course/programme under “Enrolled Training Courses”.

Practical Field Experience

Below are the minimum required hours of experience to credential at each level:
  • 200 hours of combined Novice Level 1 & Intermediate Level 2 (Required to credential at the Median Level 3)
  • 150 hours of Median Level 3 (Required to credential at the Advanced Level 4)
  • 150 hours of Advanced Level 4 (Required to credential at the Elite Level 5/6)
  • 150 hours of Elite Level 5/6 (Part I: Required to credential at the Premier Level 7) PLUS 100 hours of Premier Level 7 assistant coaching, shadowing, or athlete experience (Part II: Required to credential at the Premier Level 7)

If you have any issues with the Education Portal or need to change or refund your purchase, please contact
If you have any questions about the process, please contact

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