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Scoring Systems, Age Grid, Policies, Rules

Scoring Information

For the 2019 season ACSA have kindly let the NZCU use their adapted system, which allows the new rule changes to be followed and adapted to easily this season. We really appreciate ACSA for their on going support and assistance.







Specialty Scoring

Group Stunt Scoring Guidelines

Partner Stunt Scoring Guidelines

Individual Cheer Scoring Guidelines

Duo Cheer Scoring Guidelines

Group/Partner Stunt Elite Skills List

Indi and Duo Elite Tumble Passes List

Novice Rules and Scoring

Novice Rules 2019_13.03.2019


Scholastic Rules and Scoring

University Divisions

University Scoresheet 2019

2019_NZCU University Division Score Cards

Scholastic Divisions

School teams will be scored on the ASCA scoring system.

The rules and Divisions for NZCU Nationals 2019 are as per the link below.

Rules and Divisions for Scholastic Teams 2019

Age Grid

NZCU Age Grid 2019_12.02.19

Crossover Policy

NZCU Crossover Policy 22.02.19

Out of Age Policy

NZCU Out of Age division Policy 2019_22.02.19

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