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Rules for NZCU Members

The New Zealand Cheer Union adopt the following set of rules and Codes of Conduct as published below, these may be amended from time to time.

NZCU Rules 2020

29.0 – Drug Free Sport – Anti Doping Rules

30.0 – ICU Code of Ethics

3.0.0 – ICU Rules Competition Fixing

30.0 – ICU Coaches Code of Conduct

31.0 – Sports Tribunal

Police Vetting

Sport and recreation organisations are required to ensure all staff with direct contact with children at gyms, schools and events are Police vetted.

Please send all staff vetting requests to as the acting Child Protection Officer for NZCU. Please send each request individually.

For any requests we will need you to:

  • Notify us if this staff will be an employee, contractor/consultant or volunteer; 
  • if they will be paid or a volunteer;
  • what their role will be (ie. Coach, parent chaperone, judge etc);
  • what city the role will take place.
  • Supply 2 forms of ID as described in the User Guide. 
  • Completed Sections 2 & 3 of the Vetting Service Request & Consent form (Do NOT sign section 1 of the form – this is for the NZCU to sign)

Vetting is available to the whole cheer community, but is a free service for members, non-members will receive an invoice.

Vetting takes approximately 20 working days. Results are a point in time vet and should not be relied upon for an unreasonable amount of time. Therefore NZCU recommend staff should be vet every 3 years.

Vetting FAQ

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