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2018 Scoring System Update

Cheer Teams: We will be using the 2018-2019 Varsity All Star Scoring System this season. For further information on this scoring system, visit the Varsity website.

University Teams: Will be scored using the NZCU Scoring System.

Specialty Items Scoring: Will be scored using the NZCU Specialty Scoring System.

Dance items: Will be scored using either USASF/IASF Dance scoring system or the NZCU Scoring System.

Please note that the scoring systems may differ between events, please contact the relevant Event Producer to confirm the system they will be using.

Competition Rules
Currently the USASF/ISAF 2018-2019 dated 31.01.2018 Rules are to be used.


The NZCU Board is developing a proposal for a CPD system for all member coaches and judges. This will ensure all members keep up to date with their personal professional development and continue learning and growing. Every year coaches and judges will need to collect a minimum number of points.

Proposed ideas are that:

  • Individuals earn one point for one hour of education
  • Judges will need to collect a minimum of 20 points per year
  • Coaches will need to collect a minimum of 30 points per year

Individuals will be responsible for keeping track of their own CPD points and providing this information to the NZCU Board yearly as part of their online member application.


Similar to the individual CPD system the NZCU Board proposes beginning a Club Certification system, which will give clubs a rated standard for specific areas of their programme. Athletes and parents can then access this information when making choices about cheerleading programmes.

A star rating will be given in specific areas, such as:

  • Coach Education (USASF Credentialed, Background check, CPD Points achieved)
  • Equipment (Practice area)
  • Safety (First Aid, CPR & Emergency Plan)
  • Competitive (Attending Regional & National Events)
  • Growth (Increase athlete numbers & attends community events)

Standards are still being developed and will be awarded through a completed checklist.


Again similar to both the CPD and Club Certification systems, the NZCU proposes that all NZCU Sanctioned Events are given a rated standard called an event class. These would also be completed via a sanctioning checklist for each level.

Levels will include:

  • Gold – Premium competition, the best of the best in all areas
  • Silver – Meets minimum NZCU Sanctioning requirements & is above average in some areas
  • Bronze – Meets minimum NZCU Sanctioning requirements
  • NZCU Member – Does not meet NZCU Sanctioning requirements

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