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All Credentialing is now through ICU rather than USASF, however, the rules are still the same. Credentialing is provided through Cheerleading EducationPlease contact Selena Duncan to schedule your credentialing session.


Levels are now referred to as:

Level 1 = Novice

Level 2 = Intermediate

Cycle 1 = First time credentialing

Level 3 = Median

Level 4 = Advanced

Cycle 2 = Second time credentialing

Level 5 = Elite

Level 6 = Premier

Cycle 3+ = Third time or more credentialing



Candidates must be 16 years old at the time of testing to gain Level 1 and 2 credentials and 18 years and over to be eligible for Levels 3-6. Credentialing is progressive. You must begin at level 1 and complete that level successfully before moving on to level 2 and so on through level 6.


Credentials are valid for three years and it is the coaches’ responsibility to keep them current. Coaches must re-credential before their credentials expire at the end of the three year term.

Coaches who initially credential at Levels 1-4 may test to the next level at any time during the three-year period during which their credentials are valid. Expiration dates will extend an additional three years as each level is successfully completed.


Credentialing does not include Professional Indemnity Insurance; therefore coaches are advised to seek their own insurance.


APPLICATION FORM – Cheer Coach Credentialing Application Form (All credentialing coaches): Online Application 

Following the reciept of your application, you will recieve an email accknowledging your application. Attach to this email will be, study guides, an Invoice, a link to the ICU Practical Field Experience (PFE) Validation Form* (if required), and links for your Online Tests*.


All candidates participating in Cycle 1 credentialing (Levels 1-6) are required to provide documentation and verify that they qualify for credentialing in that skill set and level.

Novice and Intermediate (Levels 1 and 2): No PFE form required. This is the entry level for cheerleading.

Median (Level 3) requires a miniumum of 100 hours of coaching at Novice (Level 1) & Intermediate(Level 2)

Advanced (Level 4) requires a miniumum of 75 hours of coaching at Median (Level 3)

Elite (Level 5) requires a miniumum of 75 hours of coaching at Advanced (Level 4)

Premier (Level 6) requires a miniumum of 75 hours of coaching at Elite (Level 5)



ICU do not refund if canidate does not pass.

The online testing is based on glossary definitions, skill comprehension, and rules questions related to the level. It is compliant with ICU and IASF Rules and regulations.

To pass the online testing portion, you must receive a score of 80% or higher. You are allowed two attempts. If you fail after two attempts please contact me. Your score is automatically calculated by the online test provider and the result is emailed to you. NOTE: Display them in your gym and be proud! 

Please email your Online test CERTIFICATE(s) to

You will then be contacted to arrange a date and time for your verbal exam.



The Verbal Exam via Facebook video call and it will take approximately 20 mins.

During the Verbal Exam, the credentialing candidate will demonstrate their understanding of and ability to teach certain skills within each level.             Coaches will neither have to perform these skills nor will they be working with athletes during the interview. Coaches will, however, have to explain to a credentialing administrator how to perform each skill just as if they were coaching a team. Concentrate on safely teaching and troubleshooting athlete technical issues. The administrator’s job is to validate that the credentialing candidate, in their own words, covered the key points of each skill in order to teach proper technique and ensure

COST (in NZD.)

Cycle 1

1st time credentialing – $50 per level

Required: Coach information, online test, certificates, PFE form (for level 3+) and interview

Cycle 2+

Recredentialing – $80 for all all levels inclusive

Required: Coach information, online test and interview




Dependant on USASF rules release

All the above dates are subject to change

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